Saturday, January 26, 2008

messy faces...

one of my favorite things to take pictures of is my kids with food all
over their faces! i came across some and thought i'd post them so
someone else could get a good laugh!!!

indoor soccer

Today was Gabe's last soccer game. He has been playing with his cousin Landon thru-out the month of January. He's done a great job and hasn't been scared to get right in the middle of other kids and kick the ball! We've had a GREAT time watching the team. Its so funny to see the kids who just turn and run the way the big group is and those who are more aggressive and actually want to kick the ball.

I wish I had a picture of one of the bigger kids on Gabe's team who was really aggressive. He cried every time the oppossing team scored a goal and would sometimes yell at our goalie. He was a trip to watch!

Here's a short little video of Gabe running around. He's blue shirt #8!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Its sure taken a long time and it has tried my patience. But it has finally happened...
Baby Adam calls me momma!
Not dadda or dah or whatever else he's been calling me-he's finally got it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

hello all

who can believe its 2008. the past year has gone by fast and this next year should be no different.
hopefully this will be a place to keep all our friends updated on the "intriguing" hijinks of the wolf family...hehehe
so be sure to check back often :-)

new family member

meet the newest member of our family.... Layla! she is a 8 week old miniature schnauzer.

i know some of you are scratching your heads and thinking 'what about zoe...'

well, we really wanted another dog. jeff wanted a really big one but i wanted one small enough to be inside. so we opted for another schnauzer when we were unable to reclaim zoe from her new owner!!
so we are spending the first days of our new year potty training! yehaw!!!