Wednesday, August 13, 2008

08.08.08 Tag

This is a fun tag from Jessica in honor of the Olympics on 8/8/08. It's a good thing I got tagged, cause I am the world's worst blogger. This at least gives me something to blog about!

8 TV shows I Love to watch:
I Love Money (i know-reality show trash)
Iron Chef America
Take Home Chef
John and Kate Plus 8
What Not to Wear
America's Next Top Model

8 restaurants I love:
Outback Steakhous
Papa Murphys
Burger Supreme
Macaroni Grill
Spaghetti Factory
Olive Garden
PF Changs

8 things that happened today:
(this one is a little embarrassing-i don't do much these days-damn morning/all day sickness!)
Threw up a few times
Went to vet to get copy of dog's vaccines
Went to to Taco Time for lunch with kids
Took a shower
Layed in bed and watched a few episodes of Spongebob with kids
I will be doing these last three later tonight:
Taking Layla (the dog) to get groomed at PetSmart
Buy crickets for Gabe's lizard
Take Gabe to get new pants and shoes for school

8 things I am looking forward too:
Jeff coming home this weekend!!!
Going to Bear Lake with Jeff and kids next week
Taking an overnight trip with Jeff (no kids) to Vernal next Fri/Sat
Volunteering at the temple this week
Not being pregnant-Feb just can't come quick enough!!
Upcoming holidays-Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Adam being potty trained soon-my goal is sometime before the end of the year!!
(Jeff works in CO still so he is here for a week or two and then gone for a few weeks-for those of you who don't know)

8 Things I Love about Summer:
Wearing flipflops everyday
Having a garden
All the hours of sunlight
Fireworks in July

8 Olympic Events I want to see:
Track races
Those are my favorites. I will watch some of the others-except water polo-its just too boring.
8 things on my wish list:
Jeff to be home more
Too have more energy and not be sick all the time
The hot weather to end
To learn how to can fruit/veggies
To have my pregnancy acne go away!
A maid
A laundry service
To actually get into shape after this baby!!

8 people I want to do this same thing:
Amanda B.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birthday pics

Here are Adam and Kate's free birthday portraits from Kiddie Kandids. They weren't really cooperating but the pics still turned out cute. Kate kept her lips clamped tight together and was trying with all her might not to smile. The girl finally had her blow on the featherduster she was tickling her with and we got a smile!

Adam wouldn't let the girl pose him and wouldn't smile at her either. She finally talked to him about Spiderman and that made him happy. Although, I was really sad that you couldn't really see Adam's dimples.