Friday, November 19, 2010

Gardner Village

We went up to Gardner Village this year to do the witch scavenger hunt.

They have funny witches dressed up outside their shops.

Gabe loved this hula-hooping witch!

You can't see this one too well

but everyone thought this witch in the outhouse was funny.

After you turn in your completed scavenger hunt, you are rewarded with a chocolate chip cookie...YUM!

2010 BYU Triple Crown

The Triple Crown is a mile long race for elementary age school kids on the BYU track. They race by grade and gender.

Gabe and Kate were so excited to do it this year. I didn't think they'd be able to make the mile, but they did awesome and are already talking about next year!

Gabe ran his mile in 9:04.

He was 22nd out of 52 and 4th from his school.

Kate ran her mile in 10:28.
She was 24th out of 52 and was also 4th from her school.