Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!
We love everywho takes the time to read this blog
and wish you all a very happy holiday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kate's 5th Birthday

Kate turned 5 on Aug. 31 and had a great birthday and fun princess party where everyone dressed up as their favorite princess!
My cute little Belle and Sleeping Beauty!
We decorated tiaras, made bracelets and picture frames.

Our special guest then arrived and read a princess story.

Then everyone had their picture taken to put in their decorated frame!

We also celebrated as a family at Pirate Island pizza...

and then went to Build a Bear where Kate made a hello kitty!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wolf summer quickcast!

This was Gabe and his Kingarten teacher Ms. Smith

at the end of the school year.
He sure loved her and loved Kindergarten because of her!

Gabe had a belt promotion and earned his orange stripe!

His karate class

The kids went camping with Jeff and some of their cousins in Moab.

You can't go to Moab without visiting the musical park!!!!

What a sweet little bald baby!!

Being cute is a very tiring job!!

Kate sang in the sunshine generation over the summer
and was in a few parades!

Gabe's new summer smile

$6.35 from Walmart--$$ well spent!!!!

Adam's 3rd Birthday-July 12th

what a handsome guy!

hulk smash hands

new lightning pj's

my semi-sad attempt at a spongebob cake

The fourth of July
Kate and Adam watching the hot air balloons


Meg & Kate

Landon, Gabe & Kate

Adam & Landon
(notice adam is rocking some halloween pj's)

The kids spent a fun weekend in Bear Lake with Jeff (no pics) and then Gabe & Kate spent a few days in Colorado! Adam was very sad to be left behind :(
School has started for Gabe already and Katelyn starts next week!
We've had a fun summer and are excited to get back into a routine for the fall!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New photos

Here are some pictures of my BEAUTIFUL kids taken by my sister in law Lori. The link to their photo website is on the side of my blog-Harris photo gallery. She also took some great family pics of us the other day which will be posted soon!

Cute tater tot!

My handsome Gabe

Silly little Adam

Lily's blessing was on Sunday and it was great. I'll also be posting about that soon as well as some pictures of it!

Gotta love having a bow bigger than your head!!