Saturday, December 11, 2010

Halloween fun

Carved some pumpkins
A cute witch

Count Dracula
My nerdy family

(So sorry to you all that I didn't get this picture of my bro posted before it was "censored")
Happy Halloween


Kate has been taking gymnastics for 2 months and loves it!

She's been working really hard on her back bends and has gotten pretty good at them.

She's also been working hard on her splits.
Gabe is always willing to practice them with her!

She loves her teacher Whitney
and had her first performance the other day.
She did a great job:)

Karate Tournament

For Gabe's karate tournament this year he participated in 3 events. Forms, weapons and sparring.

He took 1st place in sparring and did awesome. He was really aggressive. He also took 2nd in weapons-which was the BO staff.
He has also joined the "Split Club". Once you pass off your splits, you get a cool patch for your uniform and a gift certificate to Coldstone for a banana split!
This kid is so flexible.

He had belt promotion yesterday and moved from PURPLE belt up to BLUE.
When you run up front to receive your belt, you do your favorite kick combo.