Saturday, May 23, 2009


We are sorry that some of you will be hearing this for the first time in this manner. Many calls have been made, tears have been shed, thoughts and prayers have been offered and answered, but at some point it got too tiring to carry on in that way. To some this is old news, to others it is new, to all it is devastating and a bit sad. As of December 08' we have been divorced. The decision came to be mutual, the details have been worked out, and despite divorce never being nice or pretty, all is well. We are still friends and remain focused on our responsibilities as co-parents. We have appreciated all of the thoughts, concerns, help, and prayers. The reasons for and manner in which this came about is to each of us private and personal. We have tried to share with family and a few close friends our reasons but generally it is not understood. So we welcome the support, love, concern, prayers, friendship, and all that is given, but please don't expect answers, explanations, or understanding of our decision at this time. Perhaps, if you are patient with us and we continue in our friendship you may receive the answers that we have and see this as the better choice for us. Thank you for your understanding. Again, we are especially sorry to those to whom this is new and heartbreaking news.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easter Pictures

I took the kids for Easter pictures

the first of April
and they turned out GREAT!!

Don't I have the cutest kids!?!

Sweet little Lily!

Adam is still the funniest boy ever!