Sunday, April 5, 2009

My first E.R. visit

Last night, my bottom dresser drawer was pulled out. Adam came running into the bedroom, tripped over himself and landed on the corner of the drawer. I never knew how much blood gushes from a head wound!!
It actually was a pretty small, but deep cut. Instead of stitches they just glued it together. Adam was very mellow and quiet the whole time.

I am actually quite surprised that this is the first time I've ever had to take one of my uncoordinated children to the emergency room!
My sweet Katelyn just loves to dress herself and she's SSSOOOOO good at it!! hehehe

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lily's story

I thought since Lily is 6 almost 7 weeks old, I would get around to posting some pictures of her! And also the details of her birth. So if you don't want to hear a birthing story, you better just scroll down to the cute pics!
I was induced on Tues, Feb 17th. My pitocin was started at about 10 am. For anyone who hasn't been induced before, they up the amount of medicine every 15 minutes to get your contractions going in an even pattern. So I just kinda sat around in bed until about 11:30ish. Contractions were a bit uncomfortable by then, so Jeff and I started walking the hallway--it went in a small little circle around the nurses station-quite the boring walk.
I really didn't have very many hard contractions this time. It was seriously only about 10 mins worth--which calculates out to about 5 or 6!

You'd think after having a few natural births I'd know when I was getting close to being completely dilated and about to drop a baby out onto the floor--but I just don't. I climbed into my bed to have the nurse check me and was ready to deliver. (Same thing happened with Adam. I labored in a tub with him and almost had a water birth! I barely made it into the bed to have him!) The nurse called someone to come and help her and told them to call the dr over-his office is next door to the hospital. I told her I wasn't waiting for the doctor and was gonna push. First push she almost delivered, second push head out and third push my sweet Lily was here! She was actually born with her water sac till intact-apparently that doesn't happen very often.
Our nurse was very sweet and very calmly delivered the baby by herself. The doctor arrived a few minutes later to stitch me up. You'd think I would get a discount on the dr's fee since he didn't actually deliver the baby, but no such luck!

Lily makes the funniest faces!!!

I couldn't get this picture turned, but I think it is hilarious!!