Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back to School

First day of school

Gabe is in 2nd grade and has Mr. Roddam.
He loves going to school and homework isn't the battle it was last year.
Gabe's handwriting has gotten so much better this year! I can actually read what he writes :)
His favorite thing about school is:
being out in the portables/trailers this year.

Kate is in 1st grade and has Mrs. Spadafora.
She loves class and is excited to start on her homework right when she gets home! She is becoming a good reader and says her favorite thing about school is doing math.

Adam started preschool 2 days a week. His teacher's name is Mrs. Peay.
This sweet boy prays every night that he won't be nervous or scared at preschool :) He always has a fun time and is exicited to show me what he has made that day.
His favorite thing about preschool is:
singing songs.
This little monkey is so excited when everyone comes home.
She makes sure to give everyone a welcome home hug and kiss!
Look closely and you can see 2 little piggy tails...

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