Saturday, December 11, 2010

Halloween fun

Carved some pumpkins
A cute witch

Count Dracula
My nerdy family

(So sorry to you all that I didn't get this picture of my bro posted before it was "censored")
Happy Halloween


ManicMandee said...

Oh my goodness! Will your family adopt me? They are the coolest!

And WOW about Gabe. That kids skills blow me away. Congrats to him on all his hard work!

Becky said...

Such great pics!! So hilarious, and you look great, Cleopatra! Your kiddos are so sweet - and Kate looks stinking buff in her little gymnastics outfit. How are things coming along with your surprises with the fabric?? It was so fun seeing you again!

Megan said...

You all look so cute! I didn't see Kate in her Witch costume and she looked darling! You take the cake in your temple dress:)